Rocketship, situated in San Jose, is a network of charter k-5 schools focused on personalized learning. It is chain free and founded in 2006. The founders are John Danner and Preston Smith. It operated five schools in the year 2012. Each school carried a capacity of 450 students. 90 % of the students qualify for free lunch. 75 % can speak English fluently. Currently, it has a total of 18000 students. 82% of the students are low-income. Their motto is that every pupil deserves an excellent education. They also believe that every child can qualify for a four-year college. The journey to the college begins in kindergarten. The mission of Rocketship education is to remove the achievement gap through building scalable and sustainable school models that assist students to succeed. Rocketship education has a goal of helping the students to portray their full potential. It is in and outside the classroom. Outside the school includes the talents that one has.

Teachers who serve at Rocketship institutions are becoming great every day. They undergo weekly coaching and over 300 hours of developing their profession. They receive full support to give the best. The teachers have home visits for their pupils. It assists the pupils in transitioning from one class to another. At Rocketship, the students report earlier than the opening dates. Some orientation helps the leaders, teachers, and families together. In this orientation, the parents get to know who will teach their child that term. The students get an opportunity to interact with their teachers and friends. It creates a good learning atmosphere after the opening of the school.

According to a blogger called Anya Kamenetz, the Rocketship network formed by 13 schools is among the best charter networks. It is termed as an innovative model of quality learning. This network has attracted funding of $2 million from the Obama administration which will assist in its growth. There was a lab creation in their journey of growth. This learning lab supports the students in learning basic lessons in math and reading. The teachers would then handle more complicated topics. It also helped the organization to use less. It is because the computers in the learning lab cost lower than hiring more teachers. The best part is that Rocketship education is renovating the learning lab to create a better environment.

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