Fortress Investment Group: Scaling the Private Investment Industry

Investment management refers to the buying as well as the selling of investments in a portfolio. It can also apply to the banking and budgeting of a portfolio, and the trading of securities to acquire a specific investment objective. Asset management firms take investor capital and utilize it in different investments such as stocks, real estate and master limited partnerships among others. One such company is Fortress Investment Group. Visit

Fortress Investment Group was launched in 1998 with the collaboration of Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, in addition to Randal Nardone. The company has expanded into a hedge fund, debt insecurities, and real estate manager run by Peter Briger who joined the management later in the years. Its investments grew rapidly with the private equity funds totaling to 39.7% in 2006. In 2007, the company launched on the New York Stock Exchange with Goldman Sachs underwriting its IPO. It was also the largest private equity company to be publicly traded. On the dawn of 2008 economic crisis, Fortress Investment Group experienced a tremendous downfall in its market shares, but that didn’t deter it from redeeming itself in 2009.

Fortress Investment Group is currently a diversified investment management company controls more than $40 billion of assets for over 1,000 investors in private equity, hedge funds as well as permanent capital vehicles. The primary strategy of implementing strong risk-adjusted returns for its investors has propelled it towards the list of leading investment managers. Centrally located in New York, the company offers employment opportunities for more than 900 individuals.

In asset-based investment, through private equity as well as credit funds, the company has a broad diversity of assets to manage including capital and real estate that create a long-term flow of money. The firm has extensive expertise in pricing, financing in addition to managing physical assets. It also excels in managing operational and strategic dockets when managing portfolios. Over the two decades of operation, the company has developed expertise in the management of mergers and acquisitions. Its employees have relationships with corporate board members and stakeholders. The experience indicates that Fortress Investment Group is a primary asset manager in capital markets.


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