ClassDojo Was Worth the Wait

ClassDojo is an app originally designed for teachers and students to help create an interactive classroom community. The app does things like allow teachers to award points for positive behavior and activities, create groups, and set background music. It allows students to share their experiences in the classroom through a classroom portfolio. ClassDojo was committed to creating this tool and providing it to teachers and students at no cost. ClassDojo has been able to do all of this with the funding from venture capitalist groups. They were upfront with their investors that this was a long term business plan and the return on investment would be worth it, but not immediate.

ClassDojo has now launched its subscription offering and will start making good on that promise. There is now an app for parents to interact with their kids classroom experience as well as activities at home that help enhance the learning experience. This offering is called ClassDojo Beyond School. This app will keep some of the features that are currently available in the free teacher version like awarding points for positive behavior. The app allows kids to create and customize their own avatar. The app includes guided videos to help parents lead kids in mindfullness and meditation practices. There is a self reflection tool that allows kids to record their thoughts and feelings about questions like “What’s the best thing about your family?” giving families the opportunity to discuss questions that they wouldn’t always get to organically. All of the activities are designed to be no more than a few minutes each, keeping screen time for kids down and allowing for short attention spans. The app is currently still in testing and they are trying out different prices points. The app is expected to be available in February of 2019 and ClassDojo has committed to making the price a single digit number.