Deep Analysis of Dr Saad; a Veteran in Surgical Procedures

Dr Saad Saad is a renowned person in the surgical field where he has undertaken breathtaking procedures which have brought a different perception and strategy through which surgeries are conducted. Born into a family of ten, Saad graduated with a degree in medicine at the University of Cairo, ranking second in his class. He later migrated to the United Kingdom for an internship before migrating into the United States where he is a certified practitioner by the United States authorities in Pediatric Surgery. 47 years later, Saad has grown to be one of the most reputable surgeons in the United States and the world at large after developing and implementing new surgical procedures that are geared towards improving the way surgeries are undertaken.


One of the notable experiences is where Dr Saad challenged the traditional surgical procedures that exposed the patient to more significant risks. Initially, patients were prone to medical risks that could cause death due to inferior equipment and the medications used. The procedure itself was time consuming thereby increasing the chances of conducting errors that would jeopardize the health of the patient. Saad developed methods that were more efficient and effective. The procedures developed reduced the risks facing the patient while at the same time lowering the chances of conducting an error that would cause death to the patient. Moreover, reducing pain experienced by the patients making surgery procedure a more human affair.


Dr Saad did not stop his mission of making surgical operations to improve the nature in which surgery is undertaken. He discovered two critical inventions that had a significant impact on the modern-day medicine. One such invention included developed a catheter the scanning machine which replaced the traditional means of scanning for catheters. The discovery was essential as it reduced the health risk that patients were exposed to when x-ray machines were being used to detect catheters. It is necessary to understand that the radiations produced by the x-ray machines are likely to cause long-lasting health problems to an individual. The electromagnetic, magnetic device discovered by Saad Saad has been handy in scanning for catheters within a short period.


Moreover, Dr Saad conducted significant improvements to the endoscope which is a vital tool in surgery. Initially, it was well known in the medical fields that the endoscope was not very useful because its lenses were blocked by the body fluids which made the physician not to have a clear view of the part of the body under treatment. Saad Saad conducted improvement in this device by inserting a suction device that would suck the body fluids blocking the endoscope lenses hence helping the surgeon to have a clear view of the body tissues. In fact, Dr Saad is a person one cannot fail to mention, especially when discussing advancement in surgical procedures. Learn more: