Lori is Proud of Her Impressive Career as She Retires from CP+B

CP+B, a global adverting agency is set to lose Lori Senecal who is in charge of the agency’s global operations. CP+B has ten international offices, and it is keen on expanding its global presence. As the global CEO of the agency, Lori manages the agency’s global expansion, and she coordinates the ten offices. For close to three years that Lori has been at the helm of the agency’s global operations, she has successfully created a worldwide management structure and an efficient communication process.


CP+B Chairman Chuck Porter credited Lori for the accomplishments the company had witnessed since she joined. In 2016, a year after Lori joined CP+B, the agency’s revenues appreciated by 23%. Also during Lori’s tenure, the company only acquired clients and lost none of them; something Porter refers to as “mind-boggling.” Lori Senecal stated that her retirement is something that she planned with Porter immediately she joined the agency. As Lori leaves the agency, CP+B is keen on developing its junior employees to take over the management roles. Porter says that before Lori leaves, the duo will have deliberated over the best people who will take the agency forward. Check out interview.net for more.



In line with their plan to develop new generation leaders, the agency promoted Danielle Aldrich to be the president of CP+B West. Aldrich has been with the agency for 14 years. Before her promotion, she was one of the two managing directors at CP+B’s Boulder offices. Aldrich now braces herself for a more demanding role; managing CP+B Boulder and CP+B Los Angeles. However, Lori is not worried for Aldrich; she believes Aldrich is a capable leader who will creatively handle all the challenges that come with her new position. Indeed, Aldrich has demonstrated that she is fit to lead because she is credited for significant achievements the agency has witnessed. For instance, she is partly credited for assisting the organization win American Airlines from TM Advertising. For more details visit Bloomberg.


As Lori retires from CP+B and from the ads business, she is proud to have been part CP+B. Lori has an impressive career starting in Canada and now in the US. She worked for KBS before joining CP+B. You can follow their Twitter account.





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