Greensky BlueGrass Is Selling Out Venues Big And Small

Their recent sold-out performance at Colorado’s Red Rock Amphitheatre showed why Greensky is the hottest bluegrass band in America. It’s been an amazing year for these five guys from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Enthusiastic crowds are showing up in venues large and small across America. Their latest album, Shouted, Written Down & Quoted, has been generating kind reviews from critics.

Greensky is fronted by Paul Hoffman who is also the group’s songwriter. His lyrics have been described as “nuanced” and “emotive,” but also “fetching.” Anders Beck gets a huge chunk of the critical love for his masterful and “fiery” play of the dobro. He’s a relative late-comer to the band, but Beck has been key in making the boys gel musically.

On banjo is Michael Bont. He was a guitar player before he picked up the banjo at age 20. But once he did, Bont says he became obsessed with it. He says he sat in his mother’s kitchen and did nothing but play banjo while all other aspects of life passed by. Today he’s mastered a unique style that integrates smoothly with guitar and mandolin.

Michael Devol plays base for Greensky. His path to bluegrass heaven comes by way of classical music. He played the classical cello before being tapped to sit in with these guys — and the rest is history.

It’s interesting to note that Greensky is a band without a drummer. It’s just five guys on strings. This makes Devol’s thumping and intricate bass licks even more essential for keeping the guys on beat.

The band’s rapidly growing success can be pinpointed to an ever-growing legion of adoring fans. These days, it seems new musical acts live and die on spontaneous word-of-mouth promotion. That means playing hundreds of gigs to audienced big and small across the nation. It’s a slow process. Sometimes “a crowd” means a handful of people in a backwater bar. But Greensky lives for these kind of engagements. It’s what led to an ever-developing fan base that showed up in massive numbers as Red Rocks — 9,500 seats all filled and standing room only.

Clayton Hutson, A Mentor in the Music Industry

Clayton Hutson has a business that offers services for event organizers and musicians. Before beginning his career, he enrolled in university and took a course in theater design. He got employed in firms dealing music industry and succeeded in being a project manager. After sharpening his skills, Clayton decided to set up a company that produces, manages, and organizes concerts. He has completed various managerial and technical tasks for famous performers such as Pink, Kid Rock, and Gun N’ Roses.

How Clayton Decided to Start His Own Business

Hutson confirms that his previous jobs assisted him to develop some marketable skills. The decision to start a new company involved numerous risks. However, his talent gave him the confidence he needed to come up with a successful business. Clayton confesses that he took some steps so that he could turn an idea into something real. He sometimes develops new audio, illumination concepts, or set designs.

Clayton’s Business Attracts New Clients

In order for people to successful, they need to work hard. Clayton is not an exemption, he works hard and pays attention to details, and does not shy away from long hours. The hard work boosts his reputation among artists who value professionalism and dedication. It also encourages the performers to recommend Clayton when their fellow artists need the services that he offers. Hutson also has various habits that make his business successful. He ensures that he repeatedly checks his work for mistakes that could degrade the quality of a show or could compromise safety. He knows that a severe error might have a negative impact on his reputation for the rest of his life. Thorough planning puts him in a position of managing the crew while boosting efficiency and productivity.

Industry Trends that Captured Clayton’s Interest

Exciting technology has led to the prescience of swift changes. It is important to keep up with the changes in technology. Clayton is aware that to satisfy clients, it is imperative for him to keep up with the developments. He knows that mobile lighting equipment has become lighter and brighter, it is also possible to move it around easily because the newest models are lighter. Many of today’s concerts embrace substantial video walls. The technology has many benefits, but Clayton likes it when artists seek to impress the audience in ways that are more creative. Clayton advises artists to focus on things that matter.