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One of the most polarizing figures in American politics today is the 11th US Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos. What makes this education reformer so controversial? For one, she is in the Republican Party, and two, she has used philanthropy to support much of her platform. In addition, she doesn’t have a teacher’s experience under her belt. However, Devos says that in the fight for America’s students, none of this really matters.


In fact, Betsy Devos blames ignorance on the reasons why people don’t want student choice, and if they understood it, they’d probably feel like it was important to have in their school districts as well. However, she also doesn’t believe that people beyond students and parents really understand what is going on in America’s school system today.


For one thing, students are zoned for failing schools where they may be guaranteed to fail, despite having access to resources in other states like Florida and Louisiana. In these states, students are able to choose their school and even select a curriculum that suits them. These programs have been helping students become better graduates who go on to colleges, and that is the measure of success that Devos has defined for her programs.


Since February 2017, it has been a rough road for Devos. She has faced criticism from public school teachers the most who believe that she will use public funding for private school education. Devos says that just isn’t true. In fact, she has been trying to advocate for philanthropy for years as the main supporter of educational choice.


Her backers include Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Walton, and Bill Gates, but it’s her own foundation that has contributed much of the funding. In fact, the Devos Family Foundation has donated over $134 million to the cause. This has created a lot of questions for Devos as to what she plans to do next in the fight for school choice. She says that it starts with working one-on-one with education leaders in all states, as education is controlled at the state level.


In addition to these important reform issues, she has been tasked with leading the school safety movement. This comes after multiple school shootings caused security breakdowns at schools across the country. Schools are now receiving daily threats for violence, which has led to Devos implementing new policies. These went into effect priority to the 2018-2019 school season.


Devos will continue to work on these policies for the rest of her term and face off against critics. It will be interesting to see how she is able to get more states on board with student choice.


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Betsy Devos – on topic article

The Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, and the Democratic members in Congress have opened up about plans for a congressional hearing for the Florida high school massacre that killed 17 students and left many more injured. This shooting took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, and the alleged student who carried it out had been expelled prior to the shooting. This is the deadliest high school shooting in the history of the United States. Unfortunately, it marks a moment in history where violence in schools has become a routine occurrence.


The Florida massacre has sparked nationwide outrage and a quest for stricter firearm laws. In addition, it gives us another call for a look into expanding and bettering the mental health services we have in the United States. Unfortunately, this disaster could have been prevented if the gunman accused had been given the help he needed with his troublesome behavior. Despite ongoing school shootings, it may have shocked the nation, but it has not caused Congress to reach a conclusion of the problem. They still do not seem to want to pass any legislation that will even address it.


Betsy DeVos agreed to an interview with Hugh Hewitt, a conservative radio host, but she did not give anyone a policy prescription about the problem. DeVos did, however, say how she hopes the recent events will spur forth better conversation related to handling the mental health problems we have seen within this country. Congress has held these hearings on the problems, but the discussion on the issue has been the same. We have to reach a point where we have a conversation so that lawmakers can have a real impact. Patty Murray, a senator, has said how she wholeheartedly agrees with DeVos’s suggestion on scheduling a hearing.


Across the nation, families have grown tired of the long wait for Congress to have this difficult conversation and enact measures that will do something. Even common sense gun safety and policies set in place to end this ongoing problem in the community and schools would help. Murray continued in saying how she’s happy Betsy DeVos has asked for a congressional hearing to address the problem and praised her for her swift action. That’s the first step to doing something about it.


The 17 deaths in Parkland, Florida, highlight the real issues we face as a nation. Unfortunately, since the tragic Sandy Hook shooting, which took place five years prior, over 430 individuals have been shot in 230 different school districts. The sobering reality is how not a single committee has had the ability to address the problem.


What can we do about this heartbreaking problem that has entered into our schools? One of the first things that could be done is to address school bullying since many of these shootings often happen as a result of righteous indignation. Many times the school shooters have committed these unspeakable acts because they wanted vengeance against school bullies. Knowing how to spot the warning signs can be a big help in preventing this metaphorical hand grenade from exploding into tragedy.


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Betsy DeVos; the leading Philanthropist in Michigan

Betsy DeVos, also known as Elisabeth Dee DeVos née Prince is the United States Education Secretary. As an affiliate of the Republican Party, DeVos is best recognized through her support to alternative schools, charter education and other school voucher programs.

Betsy DeVos Political fundraising campaigns

Personally, DeVos has managed to raise millions of political fundraising campaigns funds for the various American Presidents like the Bush re-election campaign of 2004. DeVos also hosted a major fundraiser for the Republican campaign, and she has been fundamental in Republican politics as a major party and candidate donor. Check her website for more info at

DeVos Activism and Philanthropy

The Prince Foundation

Previously known as the Elsa Prince and Edgar Foundation, Betsy DeVos has played a large part in helping the organization through its operations. She has also contributed towards the Pensions Committee, Senate Health, and Labor among other conservative advocacy Foundation and groups like the Family Research Focus Council.

Betsy DeVos’ Family Foundation and other associated Charities

Established two decades ago, the Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a charitable centered organization that is focused on leadership, arts, education, justice and community leadership support, and transformation. Alone, DeVos contributes millions of dollars to this organization, and Forbes has in fact listed her as one of the most generous American personalities.

The DeVos Foundation is also committed to other humanitarian efforts towards Christian schools, free-market think tanks, hospitals, health research, conservative, evangelical missions and arts organizations. The DeVos Foundation has made significant contributions to the Traditional Values Foundation in Michigan, the Justice Institute, Individual Rights Center, Resource Center for Pregnancy, Life Baptists, Michigan Right to Life Educational Fund and the Acton Institute.

The organization also supports other public and charter schools with significant donations made to the Holland Christian Schools, Grand Rapids Christian High School, and the Ada Christian School. DeVos is also an Affiliate of the Education Excellence Foundation, an organization whose intentions are to advance the United States education system to that level where every learner achieves the most probable learning skills or potential. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

Betsy DeVos’ Kennedy Center and other contributions in Michigan

At the Kennedy Center, DeVos also contributes funds that are channeled into cultural programs, art, and director education programs among others. A trend that has been transpiring here in the States is the fact that lots of investments are channeled into artists and training, but none is allocated towards the hiring of the artists and leaders to manage these organizations.

DeVos plays a significant role around the Michigan locality to remedy the above oversight. She has the intentions of assisting the community to leverage and develop human capital to the most probable limits. Most of her donations are also channeled towards Michigan’s area that has been hit by a great arts development recession.